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New York City, Day 2

Wall Street, the south promenade, Books of Wonder (the inspiration for You’ve Got Mail’s Shop Around the Corner), Union Square Market and the World Freedom Tower. Not necessarily in that order.

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More York

We fired up Google maps to help us find our York B&B to find one of York’s most charming features: snickelways. Snickelways appear when least expected and can shorten a walk by half. Not only that, their cobbled paths and … Continue reading

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With no cell coverage and no Blackberry I am not posting or sharing photos of our travels as we go. I look forward to doing that when we get home. Until then…

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I want to reconnect with you and I hope you will¬†be blessed by this little¬†sharing of our memories over these past months, living in Vancouver, immersing ourselves in the Regent community and graduate studies. They reflect the values that shape … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like immersion when learning a new language, so they say. Even the language of spiritual discernment. Discernment for believers in Jesus includes a spiritual element that needs attention if we are to hear what the Spirit of God … Continue reading

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Onward Ho!

It’s early morning here in Bodrum and some of our tour mates are already on their way home. There is time for one last post on coastal Turkey and it will be a quick one. The highlight yesterday was lounging … Continue reading

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Have you ever felt like you have met someone through someone else’s description or stories or photos and then you meet them in person and they are not at all what you expect? That has been my experience with Istanbul. … Continue reading

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Safe in the City (jeru) of Peace (salem)

As I write from the Harmony Hotel just 2 cobblestone blocks from the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, I am also preparing for a good long sleep. Many of our loved ones back home on Pacific Standard Time are beginning their … Continue reading

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One for the Team

Maybe you have heard the saying, ” Two heads are better than one.” Or what about this one? “Too many chefs spoil the broth.” I happen to be a big believer in teams. What I mean by that is: groups … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Lent

Isn’t it annoying when you’re happily following a blog and the blogger takes a sabbatical? I am sorry if that has been your experience here. Two weeks ago I bought a Blackberry tablet. I am no electronic whiz but my … Continue reading

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