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Family and Friends

Summertime is perfect for gathering with loved ones and so we took advantage of time with visiting family for a few photo ops. Kids and grandparents are the perfect subject matter. And so are good friends! Happy Summer!

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Welcome Clara Colleen!

  On Saturday, August 8, little Clara burst upon the scene and our world will never be the same. Congratulations, Brendan and Andrea on the safe and joyous arrival of your darling daughter! Already she has niggled her way into … Continue reading

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The thing about going home is that it’s just so normal and ordinary that we don’t think to take photos on our way there. Perhaps a plane shot over the left wing with Mount Baker in the distance glowing white … Continue reading

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Welcome, Ian James Smoker!

I am astonished the way new life comes. And that it comes to us again and again and again in the hope-full creation of a child. Our family is blessed to welcome Ian James Smoker into the fold, doted upon … Continue reading

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Things I Want my Grandchildren to Know

God knows you and loves you. Knowledge is a gift to be shared for the love of others. Humility is a desirable quality. Love overcomes fear. Resentment is poison, don’t touch it. Learning to listen well is a gift to … Continue reading

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Spring on Pender

Our grown children live in some of the most interesting places and we are always up for a visit. That’s what took us to Pender Island last weekend. My husband has urbanite blood, I’m certain of it. As for me, I’m an … Continue reading

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Joy and Joy

On our way home from Seattle last Friday, we swung by Vancouver to collect our son, our daughter-in-law and our wee-est of granddaughters. She napped on the ferry, Little Miss Bean, smiled at everyone who made eye-contact, and charmed even those who tried not to. … Continue reading

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I want to reconnect with you and I hope you will be blessed by this little sharing of our memories over these past months, living in Vancouver, immersing ourselves in the Regent community and graduate studies. They reflect the values that shape … Continue reading

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Empathy and Mutuality

At Regent, I am learning that definitions are important. They give us a location from which to begin. May I? Empathy is “the dynamic cognitive-affective process of joining with and understanding another’s subjective experience…In true empathetic exchange, each is both object and … Continue reading

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Settling In

Last week we made the move to the big city. Classes at Regent College started Monday, June 10th and so after a quick tour of our new digs, we joined students for lunch in Atrium then followed fellow-registrants to Room 100 … Continue reading

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