Thoughts on Lent

Isn’t it annoying when you’re happily following a blog and the blogger takes a sabbatical? I am sorry if that has been your experience here.

Two weeks ago I bought a Blackberry tablet. I am no electronic whiz but my husband is and after a bit of trial and error with the ‘readers’ I settled on the Blackberry because it gave me a few more options with a minimal price bump. I like the size because it fits nicely in my MEC sling bag, keeps my calender nicely nearby as well as all my contacts, bookmarks, mail and documents. It’s a handy little tool and now I’m just a little nervous that it will become one of those things I depend on too much and can’t seem to live without. How does that happen?

On February 22, as I was preparing to give some inspirational thoughts to a gathering of friends, it suddenly occurred to me that it was Ash Wednesday, the start to the 40 day lead-in to Easter, better known as Lent. The sadness I felt over 2011’s Easter Sunday’s pathetic celebrations, for me personally, prompted me to action. Tradtionally people give up something during Lent and since I happened to be on Facebook at the time, I declared my intentions on my status and promptly signed off. Now, that might not be a big deal for you, but it was for me. I am amazed at the extra time I have to read, meditate, pray and experience the wide open spaces away from social media in my each and every day.

I thought I needed to be that connected and came to feel dependence on my daily dose of social interaction and connectedness. Guess what? I don’t. Blackberry or Facebook or laptop or Internet, I really can live without these things. I am reminded in my Lenten readings and meditation that it’s Jesus I can’t live without.

I came across this quote from Thomas a Kempis, “If we do not bear the cross of the Master, we will have to bear the cross of the world, with all its earthly goods. Which cross have you taken up? Pause and consider.”

Easter is before us once again and once again, my soul is refreshed to pause and consider.



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