One for the Team

Maybe you have heard the saying, ” Two heads are better than one.” Or what about this one? “Too many chefs spoil the broth.”

I happen to be a big believer in teams. What I mean by that is: groups of people coming together to pool resources and create something remarkable. Usually that something is the completion of a task or the percolating of a new idea or solution to a problem. The “ends” is the driver but not the thing that feeds me. Nourishment, as I see it, is more in the process. A satisfying completion and a stimulating process are key components and set the stage for the stimulation of group dynamic. The people part is the thing.

Each team member brings uniqueness. Gifts, perspective, personality, hang-ups, presuppositions, philosophy, theology, health, sickness, responsiveness, reactivity, skills, and lack thereof, to the process. Complexity and simplicity, grace and truth, openness and restraint, creativity and common sense are all marks of good teamwork. The constraints call for creativity whether they originate from people, project or pocketbook and are a necessary part of the growth of both individuals and the team. I see divine constraint as a necessary a part of the process. My own growth is most significant under providential constraint.

It’s all quite fresh on my mind as I recharge after a working long weekend in Canmore, Alberta with Women in Focus. The first day and a half our executive met for its bi-annual business, then women from across western Canada gathered as our Leadership Team hosted the biennial retreat. The work was good, our guests left refreshed and we, the team felt grateful for the gift of serving and the gift of one another. God is good.


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