Safe in the City (jeru) of Peace (salem)

As I write from the Harmony Hotel just 2 cobblestone blocks from the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, I am also preparing for a good long sleep. Many of our loved ones back home on Pacific Standard Time are beginning their day while we have skipped the sleeping part and traveled nearly an entire day and so are ending ours.

I do have more to share but the important part those same folks back want from us is to know we arrived safe and sound. Thank you and we have.

Can’t wait to show you the photos! ┬áNow for sleep.



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Sandi makes her home on Vancouver Island.
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2 Responses to Safe in the City (jeru) of Peace (salem)

  1. Bea Smoker says:

    HALLELUJAH!! Wonderful to know you’ve arrived safe and sound. Will await eagerly for further news. xoxoxo Mom & Dad S.

  2. Cheryl Pek says:

    Thanks Sandi for sharing your journey. I am enjoying reading your blog very much. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! Prayers to you and your hubby.

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