Crossing the Atlantic

We left Southampton onboard the Queen Mary 2 under clear skies with winds of 15-20 knots on June 7.  8 days later we sailed up the Hudson River into New York City.

Days 2-3 were the stormiest we’ve encountered with 50 foot waves washing over the bow and swells causing havoc with ship movement and sensitive guests. Little did we know that 40 solo sailors had set out from Plymouth, south England for Rhode Island and were caught in the storm. The ship’s captain received word that one sailor in particular needed aid so we diverted 150 miles south of our intended course to rescue him. Captain Wells and team managed a remarkable maneuver, coming alongside the severely damaged and foundering 38 foot Perry and to rescue sailor, Mervyn Wheatley. Once Wheatley boarded the tender, his boat, the Tamarind, with sea-cocks open, drifted into the distance where she sank. For more, here’s the link:

British sailor rescued from vicious Atlantic storm by luxury liner

Before we boarded, we wondered how we’d manage 8 days at sea. We loved it!  The ship is equipped with a full gym so I kept up my home routine — especially helpful when the calorie intake is high. I also participated in the daily watercolour class offered by Brooklyn artist, Toni Somma. And submitted a piece for my first ever exhibit. Gord took in lectures offered by experts in WWII U-boat history, balloonists, and his favourite, interview with Mervyn Wheatly, the rescued sailor.  On Day 6, the QM2 docked in Halifax so we took advantage of a day in beautiful Nova Scotia and walked the port promenade, then hopped on the ferry and explored Dartmouth Harbour.  The icing on the ocean-liner-cake? Today, at dawn, we sailed into New York City.

Would we do it again?  Yes, we sure hope to. We met the loveliest people and made connections and memories we will enjoy in the days ahead. A wonderful gift!


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  1. Nicki says:

    Hi Sandi,

    My name is Nicki and I work for a BBC programme called Close Calls On Camera. The series takes a look at everyday events that- for whatever reason- became dangerous or life-threatening, and gives those involved a chance to tell their story and say thank you to the people who came to their aid.

    I am currently making an episode about the rescue of Mervyn Wheatley and I’ve seen in this post that you have a picture of his boat. Is there any chance you have any more pictures or video from the rescue? In any case I would love to talk to you about getting permission to use your picture in the programme if possible. You can email me on and I can explain further. Thanks so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

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