Boats and Bikes

After a long, sleepless flight, and a bit of a wait for the Uber pick-up we arrived at our charming B&B to an early check-in. The biggest question of the day, should we sleep or eat? We opted for the latter and found a sunny spot canal-side at Greenwood’s where the server sat us at the best table in the house. A terrific start to 4 weeks of European adventure.

After a short nap we headed out to wander. Herring is in season so street-side venders offer it up on a plate with onions and pickles.  My kind of food! Temperatures are in the mid 20’s Celsius and it’s Sunday so friends and family gather in open skiffs with all the picnic trimmings and putter up and down local waterways. Everyone else rides bikes. I read somewhere that Holland’s bike count is about double its population. That’s a lot of bikes. And cyclists own the road. No kidding.

Already we’ve walked a hundred miles, or so it feels, and jet lag descends like a storm so we’re off to bed and look forward to an artsy day tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Boats and Bikes

  1. David & Joanne says:

    a “sleepless flight” and “jet lag descends like a storm”. I feel your pain! 🙂

  2. sandi says:

    Yes, I played with the metaphor and wondered if “jet lag falling like the crested surf” was better. My attempt at capturing its unavoidable and crushing descent. I hope you’re on the other side of yours.

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