Doin’ the Tourist Thing

Travelling isn’t for the faint of heart, that’s for certain. We thought, lights out at 8pm will give us an early start the next day. Ha. We rolled out of bed at 7:30am, much to our protesting feet, poor dogs. We arrived at the Vasa Museum at opening and took in an English tour to better understand how a Viking war ship sank in the Stockholm harbour 24 minutes into its maiden voyage and was recovered 333 years later with 98% of its original material intact. A Titanic story, really.

Then we headed over to the National Museum and discovered a terrific restaurant — they show up in the most unlikely places. Good prices, excellent food and a quiet setting. We toured the museum of mostly artifacts, then headed over to City Hall to meander around the Nobel Awards Hall and see where municipal politics take place — a grand old building constructed of over 3 million red bricks. Our guide confessed that this was his first tour of the first day on the job. 10 minutes in he forgot his jitters and we knew why they hired the guy. A terrific memory, passion for his subject and wonderfully personable.

Another early night ahead of us so our poor feet can recover somewhat before heading by sea to Helsinki.

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2 Responses to Doin’ the Tourist Thing

  1. Janet says:

    As always, loving traveling along with you through your photos &’stories!!! xxxx

  2. David Hatherly says:

    Travelling can be tiring! Make sure you get some rest, my friends 🙂

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