We set sail on the Gabriella for an overnight ferry ride to Helsinki, where its primary statue named Amanda, the daughter of the city, stands as a fountain in Market Square. Guess whose family is on our mind today?

Our late afternoon ride out of Stockholm into the Baltic Sea affirmed what we already knew. Stockholm is a beauty!

The overnight ferry offers gambling and tax-free alcohol making the trip a highlight for the young and restless but we found a peaceful place on the Captain’s Deck to hang out and watch the wondrous world go by. We’re in Helsinki for one night, then ferry it over to Tallinn in Estonia for a day and a night exploring the remnants of Russian rule and a people who have known national freedom for only one generation. ¬†Apparently, theirs was a singing revolution. More on that tomorrow.

The weather’s cooled off to 17C and we’re glad of it. Here’s the day in photos.



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