While Waiting for a Ferry

Yesterday, the morning hours saw us out and about the Old Town of Tallinn before we boarded our overnight ferry to Stockhom. The photos show our meanderings, including a visit to the Russian Orthodox Church — an eyesore and sad reminder of Russian rule for the Estonians. For us emotionally unattached tourists, our visit meant we could enjoy the architecture without the resentment or re-trauma. The grand Protestant church in town is now a Baptist church, but it’s attendance is near non-existent due to a traumatic history. The Nazis used the tower for interrogation and torture for Tallinnites under suspicion of disloyalty to occupying powers. But Estonians are determined to overcome their painful past and move forward. And they’re well on their way.


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  1. David Hatherly says:

    What’s with the guy breaking through the wall (statue)?

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