The Day-to-Day

I try and avoid taking photos of people, with respect to their privacy, and because I want to focus on what brings us all to the thing we’ve travelled so far to see. However, people and crowds of them provide daily companionship.

Lest I give a false impression, we also attend to necessary housekeeping such as ensuring we smell decent, are well-fed, and keep in touch with home. And there are the frustrations of travel, such as roll-bags and the tripping hazard they guarantee, noisy drunken tourists, street fights, rudeness, the inability to communicate in the local language, physical exhaustion and knowing that for every wonderful experience we gain, we’re missing many times as much. That’s also European travel.

You may ask: Is it worth it? We answer a hearty “YES”! What we gain is far greater by what we endure and although it’s plenty hard work, travel provides an education that’s hard to come by any other way. 37 years of marriage helps because we know one another well and take good care of each other on the journey. I am particularly thankful for my attentive husband and the joy he provides as travel partner!

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Sandi makes her home on Vancouver Island.
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