Berlin in Art

The city is a living gallery and here’s proof. Most of what follows is part of the East Gallery Collection, posted on the Berlin Wall and created by an impressive collection of international artists. Street art, otherwise known as graffiti, is big in Berlin. ┬áThat thinking makes art accessible across the board so everyone is invited to participate. Tell me what you think!

The dog in the photo rode the tram with us, hopped off at the appropriate stop and continued on, obeying traffic signs and pedestrian crossings.

The archway provided an array of visual art plus the potent aroma of urine. Note Gord’s response.

Berlin’s Roma or gypsy (as the locals would have it) population has grown with recent immigration and the young woman on the tram plays about 4 bars of a minor chorus for a few euros. Most Romas beg on the street or sell herbs and flowers to support themselves.

It’s our last day in Berlin and tomorrow we catch an early train for a 7 hour ride to Amsterdam.

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