The ten hour flight from AMS to YVR was long but uneventful and we’re home. The inevitable laundry, housekeeping, mail-sorting, garden-harvesting is in process and I welcome these as a sort of home-coming ritual that helps me transition from the hour-to-hour excitement of exotic places and people to the ordinary stuff of life that makes up my daily existence. And for which I am particularly thankful.

I’m also thankful for this space where we connect with friends and family who care what we’re up to. Thanks for travelling with us, for your comments and interest. I hope you go away from here knowing how thankful we are to be in community with you.

We wish you happy travels of your own and peace in your journeying.

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Sandi makes her home on Vancouver Island.
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  1. David Hatherly says:

    Great blog!!! Enjoyed reading it, and welcome home!

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