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Under the Canopy

Oh, it’s fall! The rains have come and the branches hang low while I take my daily walks under their canopy. Classes have begun and I am neck-deep in exegesis, shaking the mist off my Greek and Hebrew — strolling … Continue reading

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A few years ago — I’m thinking 30 — when camping still seemed like a viable holiday option, our family ventured east with another family, our besties. First stop was near Kamloops, where tumble weeds tumble across an arid landscape … Continue reading

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A Rare Specimen

While vacationing on Oahu a few years ago, my husband and I picked up a trail book at Barnes and Noble because we wanted a closer look at the volcanic wild. The book suggested a trailhead in an upscale subdivision … Continue reading

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The thing about going home is that it’s just so normal and ordinary that we don’t think to take photos on our way there. Perhaps a plane shot over the left wing with Mount Baker in the distance glowing white … Continue reading

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Cycling the Countryside

As mentioned in an earlier post, cycling is the preferred means of transportation for most in the Flemish lowlands. Our hotel stocks a good number of bikes so we borrowed 2 and rode along the canal toward Damme. The guidebook … Continue reading

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Summer Visitors

A lovely day brought lovely extended family for a visit this morning at my halfway-between-Cumberland-and-Pender Island house in little Lazysmith. It meant a game of hide and seek in the garden along with a read of one of my favourite … Continue reading

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She Will be Molly

After a whirlwind 3 weeks in Iberia, and a week in bed with  nasty virus, we are on our way again. This time to meet Molly. To be honest, I don’t actually know its name but I have decided it … Continue reading

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Joy and Joy

On our way home from Seattle last Friday, we swung by Vancouver to collect our son, our daughter-in-law and our wee-est of granddaughters. She napped on the ferry, Little Miss Bean, smiled at everyone who made eye-contact, and charmed even those who tried not to. … Continue reading

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Great White North

I don’t know very many people who have been to Yellowknife, let alone live there. Last weekend, all that changed! Women in Focus offers three workshops that we bring right into your own community. They are: Gifted and Called, Empowered Through Spiritual … Continue reading

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Extending Family

If you and I sat down for a cup of tea together, it wouldn’t be long before family entered into the conversation. I think it’s true that we talk most about what’s important to us and family is. One of the best things about … Continue reading

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