An Honest Appraisal

Today the BC Yukon Women in Focus met in White Rock for their annual Autumn Celebration. Everything was perfectly arranged, the technical side of things worked well, there was sewing, singing, an inspiring message, great food, sweet conversations and a chocolate fountain! Who wouldn’t love that?

Mid-way through the afternoon the BCYT President, Kathy Cooper, introduced me so I could bring greetings from Baptist women across Canada. I intentionally sat in the back row and happened to find myself between two lovely and faithful saints. As I slipped my chair back to make my way to the front of the room, I excused myself assuring them I would return shortly. After I made my greetings from the podium, I took my seat and turned to the woman on my left. “How was that?” I said.

She said, “A small woman spoke from the front and it was lovely.”

The woman to my right, laughed out loud and said, “It was her!”

Yes, it was me, dear frieind, and I’m glad you didn’t know, because an honest appraisal is the best kind.

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