High Culture in Vienna

One of the things about being married to an audiophile is the attention one learns to pay to sound — good, clear, harmonious sound. My husband loves music and along with his discerning musical palate his taste spans a wide range. That said, Vienna is the perfect place to take in an opera and so we donned our best travel clothes and joined the upper crust for a 3 hour performance of Mozart’s Magic Flute, in German. It was amazing!

You may remember, the Queen of the Night sings 2 challenging solos, Mozart wrote these with a specific artist in mind. It takes phenomenal talent to hit the high and the low notes with accuracy, speed and power. What a thing to behold! The orchestra showed equal talent and we marvelled at the muscial blend, creating a single movement, as if they were parts of one body. Amazing!

Today the clouds have rolled in, the wind is up and the sky opens with rain now and again as we duck from one site to another. We had hoped to rent bikes and ride the Danube canal today but chose to expand our appreciation of Roccoco architecture and 16th century Realism by visiting the Albertina Musem, more of the Hapsburg art collection. Needless to say, my audiophile is done with art for now.

Last time we were in Vienna we stumbled across Cafe Griensteidl, a treasure for its gluten-free Viennese torte. If you’re Celiac (or not) and in Vienna, it is a great find. The menu is clearly marked with gluten-free items and everything we have eaten there so far has been outstanding.

The rest in photos!

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