Oslo — Day 1

Our 55 minute flight to Oslo meant a panoramic view of a patchwork of farms and lakes as we flew west from Stockholm.  Sweden is flatter than I expected, but lush and lovely.

Oslo’s hotel prices sent us looking elsewhere for accommodation so when we found an AirB&B within 4 bus stops of the central train station, we jumped on it.  The neighbourhood felt sketchy with graffiti generously decorating everything in sight. The little shop where we picked up the key is a dingy spot and when we located the building with its chaotic scaffolding and courtyard disaster zone, we nearly turned around and found somewhere else to bunk. But my intrepid husband blazed forward, determined to at least take a look at the apartment. 4 flights of stairs and 3 keyed doorways later we stepped into our little oasis in the city.

You never quite know with AirB&B’s, so we have learned in the past, but this one provides us a home away from home with its full kitchen, washer/dryer, one bedroom, and living room lay-out.  The extra space is most welcome!  And it’s clean!

Today it rained.  The first of any consequence we’ve had in 2 and a half weeks. So we spent a good chunk of the day indoors exploring City Hall and then the National Art Gallery, with its celebrated Picasso, Edvard Munch and Rodin pieces.  We ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, and then home again.

We heard Oslo is the most expensive of the Scandinavian countries. It’s modern, that’s for sure. Art is important here and plays a key role in historical narrative and national pride.  I like that.

One more thing. We frequent Joe & the Juice nearly everyday and today we ordered cappuccino, listening to Michael Jackson while the guys boogied behind the bar.  I recommend their Joe’s Green Mile smoothie if you want a good dose of greens.

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  1. David Hatherly says:

    The Scream! That’s what Joanne would have done half-way to your B&B.

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