I want to reconnect with you and I hope you will be blessed by this little sharing of our memories over these past months, living in Vancouver, immersing ourselves in the Regent community and graduate studies. They reflect the values that shape me. I am learning that the same is true in reverse. Identity defines values. Blog writing is narcissistic by its very nature and I admit to a measure of that. Forgive, friends. I hope the overriding sense you get from reading here is one of warm welcome and joy in sharing at least a piece of life together. The rest in pictures.Brie & Eilidh

Musical Men Uncle Brendan, Auntie Andrea and Eilidh P1010600 P1010630 P1010632 P1010641 P1010646 P1010649

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Sandi makes her home on Vancouver Island.
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2 Responses to Reconnection

  1. Thanks for posting the christmas picture of us. I snagged it! Love you!

  2. David says:

    Nice post. We must get together when you are settled back on the island…

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