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Artsy Aarhus

On the way to Copenhagen lies a small city of importance, so we popped in for a couple of temperature-breaking days to walk the cafe-lined canal, check out a luscious yarn shop, wash clothes, explore a living colour-wheel and enjoy … Continue reading

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A few years ago — I’m thinking 30 — when camping still seemed like a viable holiday option, our family ventured east with another family, our besties. First stop was near Kamloops, where tumble weeds tumble across an arid landscape … Continue reading

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The thing about going home is that it’s just so normal and ordinary that we don’t think to take photos on our way there. Perhaps a plane shot over the left wing with Mount Baker in the distance glowing white … Continue reading

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Amsterdam, Up Close and Personal

Yesterday we headed out early to Amsterdam Central, the main train station and the start-point to our city walk. The crowds were sparse — oh, wait…what crowds?! We had the city to ourselves so we wandered about the pedestrian-only streets … Continue reading

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Great White North

I don’t know very many people who have been to Yellowknife, let alone live there. Last weekend, all that changed! Women in Focus offers three workshops that we bring right into your own community. They are: Gifted and Called, Empowered Through Spiritual … Continue reading

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Prague in Short

To be honest, I am having trouble putting Prague into words. Our hotel begins in the courtyard near the Tyn Church made famous by Jan Huss and we are on the top floor with a balcony that catches a slice … Continue reading

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London on Jet Lag

It’s not the first visit to London for me, but it is the first time I have seen snow here. We arrived around noon, according to Greenwich, and found our way via the Picadilly Line into South Kensington. Don’t you … Continue reading

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On Tofino Time

You’d think a December birthday is a hardship and for a kid, you might be right. But for my husband, it’s been perfect timing for a good deal of fun. Somewhere at the end of the fall shoulder season and the … Continue reading

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No Place Like Home

There’s a verse in the bible I love that goes something like this, “be careful what you say will happen tomorrow because you really have no idea what’s in store.” The paraphrase is mine but the idea is there. We … Continue reading

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Mediterranean France feels much like the Italian Riviera. Both languages are spoken, laundry hangs from windows in narrow passageways, pasta and pizza are local specialties and buildings are painted in warm solid colours. The pace is relaxed and people are … Continue reading

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