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On the Topic of Food

I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but in case I haven’t — a necessary aspect to travel and key to experiencing foreign culture is eating in it. Robert Farrar Capon in his book, The Supper of the … Continue reading

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Amsterdam, Up Close and Personal

Yesterday we headed out early to Amsterdam Central, the main train station and the start-point to our city walk. The crowds were sparse — oh, wait…what crowds?! We had the city to ourselves so we wandered about the pedestrian-only streets … Continue reading

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Spring on Pender

Our grown children live in some of the most interesting places and we are always up for a visit. That’s what took us to Pender Island last weekend. My husband has urbanite blood, I’m certain of it. As for me, I’m an … Continue reading

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She Will be Molly

After a whirlwind 3 weeks in Iberia, and a week in bed with  nasty virus, we are on our way again. This time to meet Molly. To be honest, I don’t actually know its name but I have decided it … Continue reading

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Joy and Joy

On our way home from Seattle last Friday, we swung by Vancouver to collect our son, our daughter-in-law and our wee-est of granddaughters. She napped on the ferry, Little Miss Bean, smiled at everyone who made eye-contact, and charmed even those who tried not to. … Continue reading

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Beauty Rest

I came across a blog post recently ( and was intrigued by her offer of an online month-long retreat of sorts. It’s called Hibernate and is a forum for sharing home-based indoor – she lives in Maine, afterall – restorative activities throughout the … Continue reading

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Cheese Date

There is a lot of reading, writing and studying going on at Regent College and it is life-giving, no doubt about it. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s a no fun zone, though. Not at all. In … Continue reading

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Empathy and Mutuality

At Regent, I am learning that definitions are important. They give us a location from which to begin. May I? Empathy is “the dynamic cognitive-affective process of joining with and understanding another’s subjective experience…In true empathetic exchange, each is both object and … Continue reading

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Thinking about Work

For 5 consecutive days last week I sat mesmerized with 30 students listening to the gentle and profound words of Paul Stevens. His co-professor, Rick Goossen talked about what entrepreneurial leadership looks like in the business world while Paul inspired … Continue reading

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Settling In

Last week we made the move to the big city. Classes at Regent College started Monday, June 10th and so after a quick tour of our new digs, we joined students for lunch in Atrium then followed fellow-registrants to Room 100 … Continue reading

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